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Smart Metering For EV Charging Piles

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A charging station is a piece of equipment that supplies electrical power for charging plug-in electric vehicles.


Electric vehicles are increasing rapidly. With the fast growing of Electric vehicles market, the demands of Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging stations are expanding largely in both residential and commercial markets.


However,  the energy usage for a electric vehicle charger become a focus of attention by the users and suppliers. 

To monitor the energy usage, Eastron offers a variety of metering solutions on both the AC and DC EV Charging Piles.


DC charging pile, also known as a “fast charging” pile, is a power supply device that can provide DC power for off-board electric vehicle power batteries. DC charging piles are more suitable for some public charging pile services, like commercial areas, service areas, parking lots, electric vehicle charging stations, etc.

Eastron DC EV Charger Metering Solutions:

AC charging pile, also known as a “slow charge” pile, is a power supply device that provides AC power for electric vehicle on-board chargers. The AC charging pile only provides power output and has no charging function. It needs to be connected to the on-board charger to charge the electric vehicle, which actually plays the role of controlling the power supply. The AC charging piles are more suitable for some areas like residential parking lots, homes, hotels, workplaces, etc.


Eastron AC EV Charger Metering Solutions (MID):



* MID is a Measuring Instruments Directive. Chargers with a MID conform meter are accepted in EU for consumption-based billing.